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Our Customer Feedback

  • "AdaptivCOOL has allowed us to maximize cooling efficiency, shifting that reclaimed power for IT use. The visibility into my infrastructure allows me to plan capacity at a granular level."

    Dan - DC Manager, Food Service Company

  • "The Demand Based Cooling system responded to a recent CRAC failure in our UPS room allowing us at least a week to make repairs. The comfort of knowing how thorough it worked saved us a lot of money in non-emergency repair costs."
    Frank - Pharmaceutical DC Manager
  • "ACOOL's APM (Aisle Pressure Management) saved the day for a Cold Aisle Containment project, providing thermal safety when a CRAC failed. Without it we would have been pulling down the curtains."
    Keith - Retail DC Manager
  • "Our Data center would not have survived this summer heat without the Demand Based Cooling system by ACOOL. It gave us the backup to sweat it out and buy time to make changes."
    Mike - University DC Manager
  • "We knew we were overcooling our room, and the AdaptivCool system resulted in significant savings, without compromising redundancy or thermal safety. The utility rebate was an added bonus."
    Bob - Financial Operations Manager
  • "With all of the regulations and compliance requirements of the insurance industry, we chose AdaptivCOOL, to provide the solution that maximized Uptime and Efficency. 4 years later and still thrilled with the comfort of an automted system lets me sleep at night."
    John - Insurance Company DC Manager
  • "We could make improvements with best practices, but AdaptivCOOL proved to be far superior to just blanking panels. Their airflow distribution knowledge doubled our savings and provided the auto-correcting, self-balancing system that provides True N+1."
    Rich - DC Manager, Electronics Manufacturer
  • "AdaptivCOOL is the only solution that could aggregate our sensor network data, and actually respond and react intelligently to failures or events, without human intervention. We got the alarms but AdaptivCOOL has our backs. I don't stress when I get a call from our data center anymore."
    Tom - DC Operations Technician