AdaptivCOOL FAQs

How Does AdaptivCOOL work?

AdaptivCOOL manages airflow in Data Centers dynamically. AdaptivCOOL directs cooled air to where it is needed for cooling electronics, when it is needed, and returns the warmest air back to the CRAC units for optimum humidity control. It does this by utilizing a network of sensors and intelligent ceiling vents and fan tiles placed strategically around the room. The placement of these components is custom-engineered for each site to accommodate for current and planned future needs. The system is modular in nature and can be expanded as needed.

What are the advantages of AdaptivCOOL?

AdaptivCOOL saves energy, improves uptime, permits higher rack density, improves floor space utilization, creates backup cooling capacity, and postpones facility upgrades. The system offers these advantages by significantly improving data center cooling efficiency and capacity.

Can AdaptivCOOL protect my data center investment?

Yes. AdaptivCOOL automatically compensates for changes in a data center’s airflow and temperature variations. In the event of a CRAC failure or other detrimental system malfunction, the AdaptivCOOL system will sense the room’s airflow and thermal change, and automatically activate the appropriate underfloor airmovers and overhead returns to bring cold air to the affected area. The system can then notify responsible parties through an array of alarm functions to ensure help is on the way. In the meantime, the servers stay within acceptable thermal ranges, and uptime continues.

How much does the AdaptivCOOL system unit cost?

Each site has unique needs. The ROI for a typical install is targeted at less than one year, and is often much sooner. My data center runs non-stop.

Will I have to shut any of my equipment down while DegreeC installs AdaptivCOOL?

No. The system is installed with no rack movement or downtime required.

Will I need to re-engineer or reconfigure my whole data center in order to take advantage of AdaptivCOOL's efficiency?

No. The AdaptivCOOL engineered airflow solution can correct for poor airflow situations with non-disruptive changes. AdaptivCOOL 's return vents can be installed in drop ceiling and open ceiling configurations. Supply fan trays are installed unobtrusively under the existing raised floor. The sensors typically are placed at the top of the racks. In the unusual event that a facility reconfiguration would drastically improve efficiency, the AdaptivCOOL team will present several simulated scenarios for your consideration.

My Data Center is always changing. How will this affect the operation of AdaptivCOOL?

AdaptivCOOL has been engineered specifically for this situation, with intelligent controls that readily accommodate changes in equipment and rack configuration. AdaptivCOOL is modular in nature and easily accommodates system additions as your data center grows or increases rack density. In fact, most of our customers plan on these events. An ongoing thermal service is offered for Data Centers that are in extreme flux.

How much can my business expect to save on its annual energy bill?

AdaptivCOOL has been shown to improve cooling efficiency by 20-40%. Because cooling is a significant portion of a Data Center's energy consumption, typical savings can be 8-12% of the total Data Center energy consumed.

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