Sensor Network

Thermal Visualization Sensors

Without comprehensive visibility of thermal and pressure conditions in your data center, capacity planning and cooling asset management can feel like guesswork. With the AdaptivCOOL Sensor Network solution, these visualization challenges can be met with unprecedented ease. Unlike the multitude of  "data" or "information" feeding into your control system, the AdaptivCOOL Sensor Network provides actionable insights into CRAC/CRAH performance, rack inlet temperatures and airflow pressure distribution. Not only does our environmental monitoring system provide granular intelligence (historical and real-time), it goes one step further by enabling users to configure condition-based alerts and trigger redundant cooling assets in the event of an outage or failure.

Advantages of the AdaptivCOOL Sensor Network:
  • Displays and logs temperature conditions at the rack level
  • Diagnoses underfloor and containment aisle airflow pressure 
  • Trends performance of cooling assets to provide capacity insights
  • Reveals facility-level inefficiencies such as overcooling
  • Support and remote management services available
  • Networkable with HotSpotrTM airflow control solutions

  • Responsive Fan Tray Tile



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    Solution Benefits  Temperature & airflow pressure sensors log and display thermal conditions at the rack and facility level  Configurable, Real-Time Alarms and Notifications via SMS or email  Monitor CRAC set points and daily performance for peak efficiency insights Gain capacity insights and monitor how cooling assets adapt to new or variable IT loads  Simple, user-friendly inerface for easier collaboration and comprehension on any device


    Technical Features  Pools data from supplied temperature sensors and existing sensors in your network including humidity, pressure and CRAC amperage sensors  Displays and Logs CRAC/CRAH Performance Indicators in Real-Time including Deltas, Cycling, and Humidification Data  Environmental monitoring and cooling asset management services available!  Compatible for use with our HotSpotr rack airflow control hardware  Integrates with any Building Management System or DCIM console